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  1. btsync, where have you been all my life

    Well, that was easy.

    I've been using KeePass for password management for roughly five years, ish. I like that it's free, that it runs on all my devices and that it integrates with any password-protected application (not just my browser). Syncing the database to all said devices, on the other hand, has always been a minor headache. I don't want to rely on free cloud storage providers, so I substitute various incarnations of personal servers, and I sacrifice the nifty auto-syncing clients. I could run something like SparkleShare, but that seems like overkill for one lousy file ...

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  2. pernicious kingdoms

    From Seven Pernicious Kingdoms: A Taxonomy of Software Security Errors

    One of the first studies of computer security and privacy was the RISOS (Research Into Secure Operating Systems) project [in 1976]. RISOS proposed and described seven categories of operating system security defects...:

    • Incomplete Parameter Validation
    • Inconsistent Parameter Validation
    • Implicit Sharing of Privileges / Confidential Data
    • Asynchronous Validation / Inadequate Serialization
    • Inadequate Identification / Authentication / Authorization
    • Violable Prohibition / Limit
    • Exploitable Logic Error

    The study shows that there are a small number of fundamental defects that recur in different contexts.

    Heh. You could say that, yes. Here we are, 40 years later, dealing (or more ...

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